Google Keyword Tool – How to use the tool properly?

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The keyword analysis is an important factor in our daily work with websites. Many webmasters use the Google keyword tool accurately determine the right keywords. The Google keyword tool provides a large amount of analysis options. In addition to the determination of possible niche keywords to build affiliate sites, the tool also for the determination of other interesting keywords to a Web site traffic is increasing. Here you learn how to use the Google keyword tool correctly and what to look for in order to achieve meaningful results.

At first glance, this does Google Keyword Tool a little confusing. However, this is done quickly, if you look at the whole thing a little more closely. After logging in, you are on the home page of the tool. Here are the search terms can be entered and analysed. You can search either for a single word or for a phrase. The corresponding output can then be further refined. Directly below the search can be further refined. In addition to a particular language here can also capture a location. The site is of interest to determine the search results in a particular country.

Google Keyword Tool Search Options

So the site is aimed at a specific language, you can define corresponding filter options here. The result of the location can be found later in the monthly local searches, but I will get to that later.

Google Keyword Tool – More search options

The options are often misunderstood or interpreted incorrectly. They are actually the most important option in a search. By default, the Search for “widespread” keywords is enabled. In this type of search, however, all searches are counted, parts or other additives to the actual keyword. For example, when I search using the search option on the keyword “WordPress themes”, shows me the Google Keyword Tool 2,740,000 global monthly searches.

The figure of 2,740,000 searches per month but includes searches like “WordPress theme free”, “WordPress Themes profit” or “super-profits WordPress Themes”. All searches are related to the keyword “WordPress Themes” in connection with the calculation here.