SEO: More about Backlinks

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The Internet is developing rapidly. In addition, just as quickly to people who want to cheat the system develop. Already it was clear that high-quality pages are “bred”. Everyone knew that the more quality backlinks my website has, the better my page in the search results will be ranked. In this way were established link farms.Thousands of websites are put online and “fed” with high quality and good content.

Slowly grow these sites and are valued and promoted by Google. However, the fact is that these websites contradict the system of Google. The purpose is not the provision of good content, but they only serve the purpose of cheap sites to link to, and thereby push the cheap side. On the first places in the search, results are pages, which do not have good content. Google needs to act now. Why? It sounds lame but it is logical: For the money! Reduces the number of searchers, the number of advertiser’s declines.

Therefore, Google realizes that it is time to change something. Backlinks cannot stand as the sole indicator of the quality of a website. Something else must forth, something new. Slowly but surely, Google changes its search algorithms. Of course, backlinks still play a big role, but just a bit smaller than before. Other SEO Pushed measures. Onpage and off page optimizations assume a higher place in the ranking. Panda, Penguin and Venice have attracted attention. With Panda, Google has taken a big step in the right direction.

So-called content farms are massively devalued. With Panda is poorly written content, copied content and content that does not go in depth, devalued. Around 15% of all search queries are affected by the update. Google takes action against spam, all for the purpose to provide better search results.After panda penguin comes. In addition, this update has it all. Here goes Google one-step further.

Meanwhile, millions of backlinks are in the market. Who is number one in the Google SERP’s can earn a lot of money. Backlinks are priced accordingly. For backlinks with a PR of 5 or 6, it often pays hundreds of dollars or even thousands.